Choosing A Steak

The good thing about executive membership of a petting zoo : you can say "Yes, this is the one. Bring it to me, cooked medium rare, with a baked potato and some black pepper sauce.

Bonus -Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system 

Bonus 2

Fish Farmer

Yes, closer examination of the slide does confirm that that's a John Deere branded shirt.

Looks more like the stereotypical US MailMan colour scheme, but I guess fashions change.

The fish - don't know.   Could be bream, or a rudd, or a bass.

Bonus Joke - Two parrots sitting on a perch, and one says to the other "Hey, can you smell fish?"

Bonus 2 -

Nice Wheels, Dave

While putting out the wheelie bins tonight, I got chatting to a neighbour about old slides, found photos, cars and hot-rods.

So, especially for Dave, I thought this old slide would be appropriate.  Hope you like it. (Alas, I have no details of who, when or where.)

Bonus - Looking at that car, I was immediately thinking about a related souped up hot rod. Enjoy the nostalgia.

Regional Headquarters, West Midlands Gas

A Ronseal Slide.

As per title, it's Regional Headquarters, West Midlands Gas.

From the "An Ode to and 'Ode". The retirement slideshow for Gordon Pomlett .

We'll not see his like again.

Bonus - Double Yin Yang

Yep. Americans and Parades

As previously indicated, Americans love any excuse for a street parade.

It this case, the float seems to be labelled "CU Alumnites Action" ...but Google turns up nowt on that search.

I'm guessing that CU is not Cambridge University in the UK, so I'm guessing Colorado....but as usual, your comments are welcomed.

Bonus - U.S. Shark Injuries vs. Human Bite Injuries in New York City.    Ever wonder what the statistics are?   Well, here you go. 

Bonus 2 - Saint Bartholomew

...And The Murderer Is....

"...Detective Inspector Markfield.

Yes, I did it. And I'd do it again because Colonel Farquarson killed my hamster in Kindergarten.  The Swine".

Bonus - London transport seat designs – in pictures

Bonus 2 -

The Bride Rode Side-Saddle

As you know, Americans (and Mexicans?) love a street parade, but it appears that even brides want to join in.

Bonus - Local Newspaper Scoops - "Passenger 'sorry' after breaking wind on Derby bus"

Bonus 2 - Dolly Parton's "Jolene" at 33rpm...Interesting !

Not Europe. No Crowds.

Just when you thought you'd spotted a theme developing in the slides...the theme ends.


I don't want to be come predictable.

Bonus -
Basic Education in China

El Caballo

Possibly part of a series of "Crowds forming in 1950's European Capitals", as this was in the same box as yesterday's slide.

This one has definite clues to its location. Alas, "El Caballo"  ("The Horse") seems to have been a popular name for Tapas Restaurants, so I've not narrowed the location down any closer than "probably Madrid.".

Bonus - Flour power: meet the bread heads baking a better loaf

The Balloon Seller.

Ah,   A simpler time.

Men selling balloons from wooden poles.
Trench Coats
Seamed Stockings
A vaguely middle-europe vibe.

I'm guessing Vienna, 1956.  What think you?

Bonus - Well Done Scotland.
Scotland 61 v 0 Russia

Bonus 2 -

A Thrilling Bus Ride

I was looking at this slide, thinking about where it was taken The Signpost is blurred and unreadable, so that didnt help.

I then noticed that the majority of cars were French, so that hinted...

...oh.   The flags. Dammit.

Bonus - Possibly Relevant.
  and well done Norway  

Meanwhile, in Japan

A mysterious ceremony is being dummies.

Bonus -

Hairy Mary in her Frilly Bikini

Actually, that's unfair.   Totally unfair.

The problem is the storage of slides in sub-optimal conditions for 50 years - fungus slowly grows.

Bonus -   Goo Call.

Meet The Svensons

Ahead of next weeks series opener on BBC 5, here's the first image of the cast of "Meet The Svensons". The sitcom features the comedy situations of the Svenson family, who are mysteriously transported from 1963 Minnesota to 2019 Sheffield..  Hilarious event result.

Pa Svenson (Gary Mortenson)
Ma Svenson (Alison Venton)
Olaf Svenson (Will Garcia)
"Killer" (voiced by Peter Serafinowicz)

Bonus -

Choosing A Steak

The good thing about executive membership of a petting zoo : you can say "Yes, this is the one. Bring it to me, cooked medium rare, ...