Quite Moist

The past few weekend in the UK have seem storms, localised flooding and general grumpiness about weather.

So, this image seemed appropriate.  No date or other info, but....is that a Triumph Herald??

Bonus - Competitive Juggling.

The Vintage Fire Engine

This is one from the odder set of slides that I have.  A set of card-mounted 35mm Black n White Negatives !  How rare.  Dating from 1937, allegedly, they do have the authentic feel of period clothes, cars and trucks.


Bonus -
The Punnage


I suspect that this is in Yosemite, and possibly within sight of Half Dome, so why would anyone photograph this ?

The world is weird.

Bonus -

Name That Building

If you're like me....which luckily, you probably aren't, then you probably have an extensive of American Civic Buildings.

So, chances are that there's no challenge here - you already know that this is The Montana State Capitol building. Obvsly.

Historic images.
Inside - Strange

Bonus - Today, we discover the Melting Point of Cat

Bonus 2 - One man's trash is another cat's best find.

Still Life with Large Helmet

OK, so I'm back to the usual slide blogging activities. I'd like to pretend I was off doing something interesting or controversial....but in reality, I was advising Boris Johnson on his hiring and firing policies.

So, time for an artistic posed still life image.

Bonus -  Don't Mess With The Gang
The Guys...

The White Cliffs of....Somewhere.

Sorry...I'm a bit distracted and otherwise preoccupied tonight.

No meaningless blub...or Bonus tonight.

Could almost be a painting...

Same bag o' slides as yesterday's Golden Gate Bridge, but I doubt if this is one was taken in America.

However, it is a rather good picture - with a definite painterly vbe to in.

Bonus -

It's That Bridge Again

Possibly the most famous bridge in the world.
Possibly the most photographed bridge in the world.
..and yet, this photographer has managed to do something a little different with this shot. (Or maybe just under-exposed it by accident.)

Bonus - You couldn't make it up.  Donald Trump Obsessed With Badgers.

For St Valentine's Day...

Nothing says Everlasting Love like some field cooked feed, and Manny and Laura are just awaiting their "In The Wild Baked Alaska" to reach optimum temperature.


Bonus - The mattress landfill crisis

Bonus 2 -

Mystery Medical Malady

From the big box of medical teaching slides...this.

 Luckily, there's no info on the slide, so I hope some of you medics out there can identify this.

Bonus -

Toot Toot Cars

Good Lord.

I think I remember these.

At Cadona's at the beach, in Aberdeen - I think I remember having a go on these as a child back in.... a long time ago.

And I think they were quite crappy.

Bonus - Reminded of this at wor.

Dalek Relaxation Video.

Oldest Schoolhouse in the USA

Yes, the sign above the entrance is a very useful starting point for any research.
Yes, this appears to be St Augustin in Florida.
The area seems to be rather commercialised now.

Bonus :
I Say !!!

Quite Good Camoflage

It probably wasn't the first intention of that coat designer, but it does seem to have some camoflage type properties.

Bonus - The most Dutch thing ever?
NK tegenwindfietsen wordt hardlopen 2020

Taking advantage of Storm Ciara
Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships

Oi Haz De Fishees

I know that Americans love showing off their fishee catches but this doesn't look very American to me.  Maybe the With-Fish-Portrait is universal.

Bonus - All hail HappyToast and his Trump Nose-Flags.

Quite Moist

The past few weekend in the UK have seem storms, localised flooding and general grumpiness about weather. So, this image seemed appropri...