Sunday, 1 November 2009

Herb and Mimi

To celebrate slide number 500 - (and reaching 100mb of on-line strangeness) - meet Herb and Mimi.    

  • Herb was a Certified Public Accountant, working in the area of auditing and stock-taking. His interests included charity work for the Shriners, and supporting the Cleveland Browns.
  • Mimi was a homemaker, and occasional sniper / assassin for the CIA. Her interests include playing the trombone and Tuvan Throat Singing.

A match made in heaven.

And of course, why not have them on your PC as a calendar.


Arkangel said...

Think I might have met Mimi on a job once

Tepid Halibut said...

Shhh. First rule of Assassins Club. Don't talk about Assa -BANG-

Refreshing break beside the lake.

Ah, lovely. You probably recognise this as being the Hotel Flüela Hospiz, near Davos in Switzerland. And yes, it's still in business...