Sunday, 24 September 2017

On The Trail with Carlos

A production still for the NBC TV programme "On The Trail with Carlos"

The premise was that Carlos Castignada would drive over some of the forgotten mountain passes in The Rockies. On his travels, Carlos would sing to his canine companions Cuddles (left) and Spongmonkey (on the hood of the pick-up.)

The series lasted one season, and would have continued to a second, except for the loss of Carlos on the Shelton Trail. It seems Carlos suffered a heart attack, but even in death, Carlos tried to keep Cuddles and Spongmonkey alive. Alas, they only survived a new weeks, sustained by ... well, you can guess.

Bonus - WTF Amazon?    And there's more!       A bit more info

Bonus 2 - Just to wipe that from your mind  THIS is how to open a show.

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