A Nice Day Out

Great day, seeing the weapons of mass destruction, and lots and lots of Seamen.

Bonus - "What concept fucks you up the most?" "The idea that blind people don’t just see black, they see nothing."

Bonus 2 - Cheese Saturday 4
An admission - This was the first Christmas Cheese I tried, but I saved the write up until the end.
Today - a Petit Gaugry.

Even sealed in it's packaging, it was obvious that this cheese would be spectacular. Once opened....Oh Boy ! The odour or sweaty feet hit me like a kipper grenade. Cutting into it..., the cheese oozed like some malignant emulsion paint.  And the taste?

The Taste was intense. Initially I wasn't sure if the cheese was off, but research told me it was supposed to be like this. And repeated usage on crusty bread meant that, yes, I'm Loving It !  Serious cheese.

Thank You Chris n Ian.  Awesome.

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