Tuesday, 22 November 2011

JFK Original Grave.

As soon as I scanned this slide, I realised that there was something different about this slide. But.... it wasn't really obvious what.

OK, with hindsight, it's obvious. But it took a while for an idea to blossom, then some Google-Fu confirmed it.

This is a view of John F Kennedy's original grave at Arlington Cemetery. As usual Wikipedia has more info, but  in summary : JFK  was shot on 22-11-1963 (48 years ago today) and the initial plan for a Hollywood burial was replaced by the Arlington Cemetery plan.  He was buried there on 25-11-1963, and at Jacqui's request there was an Eternal Flame installed. (I suspect the boxy structure in the background is the Propane Tank.

In March 1967, the bodies (JFK and two children) were moved to the new permanent grave.

Bonus - no doubt someone will complain but - a date appropriate song.  A Punk Classic.


Arkangel said...

Or there's this (at about the 3:01 mark)
Also in doubtful taste - but a great album imho

Tepid Halibut said...

Ah, Young Mr Goddard. I'd forgotten about that track. Taste be damned.

The man with a Cone

You never know when the urge for a 99 will strike. Bonus - Seatbelts .