Friday, 30 March 2012

Thought Bubbles

Maureen (Grey Stripes, glasses.) "How on earth did she make it up to assistant headmistress.... I bet she slept here way there...trollope."

Hilda (Yellow, handbag) "Come on then. I've got your false teeth in my handbag. Are you strong enough to get them from me?"

Mona (Green, obvious wig). "Oh no, not again.   And why's my dress on back-to-front?"

Charmaine (Black stockings, seated on left) "The fools. They can bicker all they want, but each of their husbands lusts after me."

Mildred (Mustard, seated, red eyes) "Brains. Must consume brains.   And collect souls for my master, Beelzebub"

Bonus - Easter is coming - and Bernhard Nermeric is getting ready

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