Monday, 5 November 2012

Who will buy my baby?

Clean, house-trained and micro-chipped.

Good with children

Spayed and innoculated.

Overs over £75

  First World Problems.....  We asked for examples of shudderingly short  sighted self-pity. 
  * NO EXCUSES - "A few years back, where I used  to work, a self-obsessed harridan named Ruth had organised a party to celebrate her pending engagement to a wealthy, nice-but-dim chap.  Attendance was mandatory. The soirée was  scheduled for a Saturday. On Thursday, we  received the grave news that a well-liked  member of our team had suffered a miscarriage.  All of us were understandably upset and  sympathetic. With one exception... 'I suppose  she won't be coming to my party then,' Ruth
  whined. As we stood there open-mouthed, she  continued, 'Why do these things always happen  to meeee?'" 
  * EMPATHY - "Returning to work after becoming  a father for the first time, a colleague asked  the usual question, "So, how do you feel now  you're a parent?" I replied that the hardest  thing to get used to was the knowledge that,  no matter how hard you try to protect your  offspring, something bad could still happen to
  them. You just had to live with that fear. She  thought for a moment, then said "Yes, I  suppose it's like having a white carpet, isn't  it?" Probably best if she waits a while before  having her own, I reckon." (moon monkey)

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