Monday, 26 November 2012

Thanksgiving, 1971

As we wave bye-bye to the quaint Merkin celebration of Thanksgiving (commemorating the giving of thanks for electing or re-electing a POTUS, I hear) lets appreciate this slide from 1971.

Bright and cheerful kids, and a coup,e of miserable old battleaxes. That's what families used to get together for. Nowadays, the son would be playing with his WhyPod, and the daughter would be up-chucking in the loo.

Bonus - Police 99.999% certain that man found shot in the head in tied-up sack floating in river committed suicide.

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Refreshing break beside the lake.

Ah, lovely. You probably recognise this as being the Hotel Fl├╝ela Hospiz, near Davos in Switzerland. And yes, it's still in business...