Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mr Smug. And his Leica

An visit to a bird sanctuary by the East Grinstead Bank Manager's Association, and Mr Gerald Duff (Asst Mgr, Barclays) takes the opportunity to show off his Leica.

The chap on the right remind me of Trevor - a former neighbour. Summer time, and he's risking it outdoors with a shirt, tie, jumper, tweed jacket and sheepskin coat.  Bet he's wearing a vest as well.

Bonus. - Act natural, and walk away looking innocent....

Bonus 2 - Cats.  Always prepared.

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Refreshing break beside the lake.

Ah, lovely. You probably recognise this as being the Hotel Flüela Hospiz, near Davos in Switzerland. And yes, it's still in business...