Saturday, 23 June 2012

Welcome to New Mexico

"Land of Enchantment"

An intriguing slide. I suspect it was taken at the Texas / New Mexico border - in Glenrio, beside the "State Line Bar".
However, the metal plaque is curious. Sure, Glenrio was on Route 66, and R66 was Will Rogers Highway, but I couldn't find any mention of the plaque being in Glenrio. Other plaques look the same, so I have to conclude that the plaques were a common marketting ploy, or the the Glenrio one is migrating towards the sea.

Bonus - Will Rogers was quite a shap cookie, and was famed for his one-liners - eg "Lettin' the cat out of the bag is a lot easier than puttin' it back in."

Bonus - He's also the name behind the ever-interesting Will Rogers phenomenon, after is quip "When the Okies left Oklahoma and moved to California, they raised the average intelligence level in both states."

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