Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Downhill Bay

To celebrate the return of Tedious Tuesday (it's been absent  for around seven days) let's take this chance to remind people that great experiences don't always translate into great pictures.

For example, I an imagine that Dolly and Bert had a wonderful few days at Downe-By-The-Sea, enjoying the gentle waves lapping at their sandals (worn with socks, natch). The view out into the estuary may have been idyllic, but.... this slide does not capture that.

The choice of a wide angle (probably no choice really) gives a great view of the sky...but that sky could just as easily come from New Zealand, Canada, Korea or Timbuktu. Ditto, the sea is rather generic. The only unique feature is the sloping horizon, and that's probably an error.

And those errors are just as prevalent with digital cameras, so quit sneering.

Extra - Dinosaurs. Remember that kids prog from the 90s?  Did you know it ended on a downer ?

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Anonymous said...

Crap slide !

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