Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Morning After

Urgh !

From the "English Spotty School-kids have Easter break in Spain" collection, specifically the "Lloret de Mar 1968" collection, here's the result of a heavy night on the Spanish Plonk. Two glassess of Sangria when the teachers weren't looking, and these teenage Lotharios are paying for it.

Thank goodness, teacher and trip shutter-hound Mr Stimpson was able to sneak in and capture the evidence.

Bonus Sensible Article - After Jan Moir's idiotic drivel about Stephen Gately's death, St Charlie of Brooker applies the Reality-Mallet.

"To be hated by the Mail is to know that whatever other faults you may have, you've done something right." 


Anonymous said...

God. That reminds me of my youth. (Good call on the DailyFail front. It's a shit newspaper.)

Stewie said...

Why on earth would anyone read the Daily Mail?

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