Saturday, 10 October 2009

Yay ! It's Rat Day

Yes, you're right. It is Ratatouille Day 2009. The day that Ratatouille Club meets to enjoy a day of home grown, home cooked food, and I'm looking forward to it.  

So I was looking for a suitable slide to mark the day. Unfortunately, the one above isn't really ideal, but...darn... I like it.

As with many of my fave slides, the lack of background info makes it intriguing. What is the occassion ?   Backstage at WoodStock ?     Lurlene on the run with Cletus 'cos Lurlene's pa don't like her being in the family way?    Who knows.  Feel free to speculate.

Bonus.    Have a look at this picture (don't for kids). After a second of two, you might spot something odd.      Seriously, What The Heck ???

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Anonymous said...

I saw nothing odd in that pictu... Oh My Gawd !

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