Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Becky's Christmas Haul

Becky must have been a very good girl for the whole year...look at the bumper haul of presents she's received. And doesn't she look happy about it.

A little organ/piano is the centrepiece (Pah. Who needs an iPod?) A slightly goth looking doll, with one of those creepy faces that will haunt her dreams for years.    But bottom it just my imagination, but is that an Eddie Munster doll ?   Woo.   Nice !

Stuck for a Christmas Gift ? : Available now is the Slide Guy 2010 Calendar. Twelve of the absolute creme de la creme of slides on a wall calendar, plus a suitable cover. Ten of them haven't been seen on this blog. Perfect gift for the troublesome relations. Eight Quid (plus one quid UK P+P if required.) Contact

Bonus : Remember that pop video with six guys on running machines?  Well, they've done another excellent video.

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