Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Oh boy. This sucks.

Edit : Virgin Media decided to have a city-wide system failure, so guess who's unable to post anything. Even the back-up cardboard and string posting method refuses to to do anything other than a title.

Edit 2 :

Coincidentally, "Oh boy, This sucks" is exactly the phrase used by the holiday makers shown above when they saw the "Luxurious Chateau-Style Hotel" that they'd be spending a few days at. Looks more like a prefabricated assylum seekers hostel.

But, hey. It's December and you'll be after your monthly calendar/wallpaper. You might be expecting a snowy, Christmassy scene. Tough Luck.

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Stan the Bat said...

You kno what. I was getting lonelky last night without a new pic. Welcome back.

Refreshing break beside the lake.

Ah, lovely. You probably recognise this as being the Hotel Fl├╝ela Hospiz, near Davos in Switzerland. And yes, it's still in business...