Peanuts for Pachyderms

Zoo Visits - Always popular.

Bonus - Why dolphins are deep thinkers

Bonus 2 - Cheese Saturday - Week 2.   Another weekend, another cheese. Today it's a Royal Basset Blue Thanks Chris and Ian.

 Mmmmm.   That's a little unexpected. You know what your're getting with a Blue Cheese (normally), and opening the wrapping reveals a rind that looks like granite. Cutting it open and .... no blue. Still, nothing ventured....
Odour wise - far less pungent than the Hummingbark, tho' still noticeable. The cheese is a soft blue cheese, and combines a mushroomy rind with a creamy golden edge and a springy white centre.Strength wise ... a medium. Eminently quaffable.   Good Stuff.

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