Sunnier Days

As we struggle with wind (pardon) and rain outside, here's a reminder of warmer sunnier days. Here, a dad photographs his family on a sunny day out.

Bonus - Cheese Saturday. Thanks to a couple of awesome chums (Hi Chris and Ian), I have a selection of strong cheeses as a Christmas present. Thanks guys.  Today, I opened the first of them - a Carrigbyrne Hummingbark cheese. Cow's milk, wrapped in Spruce Bark.

 Oh Boy !       Immediately hit by a pungent odour of smelly feet, and I plough on with a couple of scoops spread on some crusty bread.  The flavour is delicious, and creamy. The rind, tho' edible, was just a bit too strong for my enjoyment, but the creamy flesh is delicious.  Excellent cheese, excellent chums, excellent present.

Bonus 2 - NSFW - man "trapped" inside "balloon". Cannot be Unseen.

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