Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Abstract Architecture

It's frustrating, isn't it?

You see a picture on the Internet, and you want to know more **. But, there's so little information that you have zero chance of finding out more.

This slide, for example. It came from a big box of random slides, and had no info on it, so it could be the Columbian National Orphanage, or the Greek Academy of Science, or the Arizona Institute for Corn Plaster Research. So, I just have to admire it for  being an intriguing, and slightly abstract photo.

** For example : This picture.    What on earth is the story behind it ? (Actually, there are some interesting discussions about it...try this.)

Extra Video : What happens when Whale Hunting Campaigners get in front of Whale Hunters.

1 comment:

Carlo 43 said...

aaarrrggghhh. I'm sure I recognise that building from a lecture I had many years ago. It's now going to bug me as to where it is, so I hope you're happy tormenting me.

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