Thursday, 7 January 2010

Statue ? Yes, it's me.

Damned fine statue. Full of symbolism.

The Lion represents the British Empire, proud and fierce, and King of th Jungle. Never mind that the lion is usually a lazy old Lothario, with th lionesses doing the actual hunting.... that's not the intended message.

The Crocodile represents, the old African order, almost dinosaur-like in it's slow moving** and vicious nature.

The triumph of Lion over Crocodile clearly represent Imperial Confidence.

...except, that pose by the crocodile is rather suggestive. Maybe it's not a fight to the death. Maybe it's not  British Empire defeating the old order. Maybe the sculptor's message is "Africa has been well and truly flicked by the British."

** - Bonus. Slow moving crocodile?  Yeah, Sure.

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