Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wild Flowers

Greeting Slide Fans. Not sure if today's really falls in the Tedious Tuesday style, but it's certainly not full of action or drama.

Wild flowers in a shady glade, but something about the colouring makes me things it's a shady glade on another planet. Still, that's probbly just a wild fantasy...more likely it's some just Ektachrome film going "off".

Which reminds me of a story. In 1992, the University of Alabama played DeVry Institute in a basketball game. The lads of DeVry scored a fantastic 141 points, and yet still lost by the margin of 117 points, as the final record-breaking score was 258-141 in favour of Alabama. Last week a reporter asked Don Maestri, who was coaching Alabama on the night: "Coach, did you in your wildest dreams ever imagine that you'd score 258 points in a basketball game?" Maestri smiled and replied: "Son, my wildest dreams don't have anything to do with basketball."

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Anonymous said...

Cool Snow Plow video.

Nothing Prohibiting Fishing!

And there's always some poacher who'll take advantage of it. I'm no expert, but I believe that that is a male Mulligan'...